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Expert Competitive Intelligence in Classifieds and Marketplaces for Investors

Who We Are

Daybat Limited is a research and strategic advisory firm focused on helping private equity funds, hedge funds, and other investment funds make better-informed investment decisions in classifieds and marketplace companies. We advise in key decision making moments by deep-diving into the data and providing expert, experienced analysis with actionable insights based on alternative public data.

Our Approach

Business knowledge leads the whole process.

This is our differential value proposition. The extensive experience of our team in classifieds and marketplaces allows us to assess the relevance of the statistical findings in the models we build and identify the most profitable path forward.

We see things others just don’t see or realize are so important. The challenges of our clients are business-related and data collection and crunching are just one tool at our service.


Our projects are conscientiously carried out by combining a unique skill-set in three areas of expertise.

Business knowledge in classifieds and marketplaces: From experience, Daybat has a deep understanding of the business dynamics and north star metrics that build and sustain competitive positioning and financial performance.

Data collection and processing: Using technology and know-how applied to obtaining and processing data from public sources, Daybat extrapolates reliable and robust information that can be thoroughly analyzed.

Advanced analytics: Daybat uses statistics and machine learning to process data and predict business performance and competitive positioning.

What We Do

The Process


Daybat designs and carries out tailor-made research projects addressing the unique specific needs of each client. Each project is executed with a clear-cut approach and divided into the following phases:


Data Gathering

& Parsing





Who We Help

Private equity investors evaluating investments and buyouts in leading marketplaces companies.

Strategy management consulting firms (usually performing commercial due diligence).

Public market investors (usually hedge funds) aiming to predict listed companies’ performance in a certain market.

Senior management of companies in the classifieds and marketplaces arena looking for competitive intelligence insights.

Our services


Robust Data-driven Advice

Over the years, Daybat has earned a reputation for excellence in the field of business and investment advisory based on alternative data analysis.


We have particular expertise in classifieds and marketplaces for real estate, autos and horizontals.


Our solutions apply to any marketplace but diverge in approach and methodologies which are customized to each project.


We are not generic raw data providers. For each project, Daybat hand selects the data source-provider that fits best with the client’s decision needs, timing and budget.


Daybat provides both one-shots as well as ongoing tracking solutions that shed light on the competitive dynamics of the industry you are analyzing.


Daybat identifies north star metrics that anticipate the performance of a business and the strength of its competitive position in a given market.


To find out more about how Daybat can help your firm, please take a look at some of the projects we have completed for our clients. SEE CASE STUDIES


Broad and Deep Experience

The Daybat team has on average ten to twenty years of direct professional experience in classifieds and marketplace businesses as operators, investors and advisors. Daybat senior management and advisors have a combined seventy years' worth of experience in global marketplaces and digital tech businesses.

Daybat has acted as insights advisers on over US$3B worth of deal negotiations

>  Real estate portfolio (€1B)  

>  Horizontal investment (US$1B)

Real estate transactions (US$600M)

>  Marketplace investment (US$100M)

>  Classifieds investment (US$80M)

Real estate transaction (US$250M)

Auto investments (US$50M)

javier_Mesa de trabajo 1_Mesa de trabajo

Javier Etxebeste.

CEO of Daybat:

Javier co-founded Daybat in October 2015 after selling Nestoria, the property search engine he had co-founded in 2006, which went on to IPO on the ASX with the Mitula Group.

Javier is a seasoned investor in marketplaces. He is the founder of Mercurius Early Investments (an angel fund focused on classifieds, marketplaces). Over the last five years, Javier has invested directly in twenty two marketplace and classifieds startups:

Previous to venturing out on his own as an entrepreneur, Javier was Managing Director of Search & Marketplace at Yahoo! Europe, and President of Yahoo! Spain.


Javier has also held senior roles in Bain & Co, Pepsico and Cluster Management Consulting.


Javier holds an MBA from Krannert GSM, Purdue University.

Strong Expertise in ...

ico_Mesa de trabajo 1.png

Real Estate





We Have Worked in ...

Team & Expertise
Case Studies


Global player understanding competitive dynamics

For a leading European portal owned by the growth arm of a PE global investment firm that partners with market leading technology companies globally, Daybat provided advice and competitive analysis reports for several years.

Hedge Fund taking ongoing equity trading decisions

For an ambitious hedge fund, Daybat delivered thorough competitive tracking of the three leading players in one of the biggest global auto markets advising on short and long equity trading strategies.

Private equity gaining deep understanding of competitive dynamics in several geographies

For a leading global growth private equity firm, Daybat completed several assignments including the deep review and recommendation on inventory comparison, revenue growth opportunity, liquidity assessment in a diverse set of geographies: Latam, Middle East, Europe, Asia...

Leading strategy consulting firm advising in a classifieds transaction

For one of the most trusted global advisors, Daybat carried out analytics and was a source of insights for the commercial due diligence in a PE classifieds player transaction involving several countries.

Private fund taking ongoing investment decisions

For a highly focused private fund, Daybat delivered thorough competitive tracking of the three leading players in one of the most relevant real estate markets.

Regional leader understanding a direct competitor and the full market footprint

For a leading European real estate portal owned by a global growth private equity firm, Daybat provided ongoing advice and competitive analysis reports.

Estimate of transaction dimension of several players for a global investor

For a differentiated global investor, Daybat provided in-depth review of the classified portfolio of a listed global marketplace company with a special focus on gross merchandise value analysis of several portals.

Private Equity Firm understanding threats to a key market

For a highly focused global private equity firm, Daybat provided evaluation of the competitive threat of a global digital leader attack on the general classifieds category in a set of Asian countries.

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Why Daybat


Our Proposition:

>  Daybat ensures the insights and advice provided are based on solid and reliable information.

Daybat understands the importance of all elements of any data set - including comprehensiveness, precision, reliability, integrity, freshness, predictability and comparability - and thrives on ensuring all are covered.

Daybat separates noise and turbulence from relevant detail.

Daybat advises the client in selecting the right analysis and the most relevant metrics.

Daybat understands the relevance of each element for every category, country and piece of analysis:


  • The frequency of collection - whether instantaneous, hourly,  daily, weekly, monthly or any other.

  • The radius or geographic split - whether district, city, county, state or any other.

Daybat has an edge in understanding alternative data. Most providers only focus on visible raw data. Daybat interprets data from several dimensions:

  • Visible versus non-visible data points.

  • Transparent versus non-transparent metrics.

  • Organic versus synthetic metrics.

Presenaions & Articles



Daybat is frequently invited to speak at industry events and expert conferences. Javier has been an almost annual speaker at Property Portal Watch from 2008 to 2015, PPW conference Madrid 2020. He has also been a speaker at all the major international classifieds conferences, such as the Global Online Classifieds Summit as well as the International Classifieds Marketplace Association Conference.


Here is a small selection of Daybat key speeches.


>  ICMA Madrid Conference.

Market analysis on the Brazilian Real Estate market, comparing Vivareal, Zap (Globo) the number one player, OLX-Naspers, the global classified leader, and Imovelweb, (Navent) the traditional Brazilian leader. This analysis accurately anticipated in 2015 the now full consolidation of the market and the likely leader in the process. PDF presentation available. For a copy please use the contact form below.


>  Global Online Classifieds Summit Miami.

The auto industry in Spain: Wallapop vs Schibsted. A deep market dive and competitor analysis. Extended article available. For a copy please use the contact form below.


>  Property Portal Watch in Lisbon.

An evaluation of the PurpleBricks model and a comparison with the different players and models expanding across Europe but especially in Germany and Spain. It accurately diagnosed the weak base of the PurpleBricks model in 2017. PDF presentation available. For a copy please use the contact form below.



Daybat has also published articles on classifieds and marketplace topics in industry magazines and on LinkedIn

It has recently started a corporate blog. See below to access their recent posts.




Contact Us

Thanks for your interest in Daybat. Our team is always up for a challenge, you can reach us at:

If you want to be updated and receive information on our future activities or articles or access to any of our past documents, please complete the form below.

Daybat does not share any information about clients or prospects with third parties and maintains a policy of strict confidentiality regarding the interest and activities of any individual or organization that contacts us.

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